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Simple to use, but incredibly powerful

Teamup works with businesses of all sizes. The system scales automatically, with specially designed features to help you grow, and track your progress, quickly and efficiently.

"It's a database which allows me to create a closer relationship with my clients so I do believe my 30 percent growth in business over the last 4 months is due to the efficiency of this system for both my clients & myself."

Davinder Ojalla, Yoga For All

Expert support and advice

Teamup is built around its customers. When you become part of teamup you are buying in to an expert product team that is constantly evaluating the features that will help you most in growing your business.

"I'd like to thank all the support staff at Team up, whenever I’ve come into trouble the guys respond quickly and promptly helping me every step of the way. They are a great team always adding new features and listening to our feedback to help improve their service. Thank you Teamup for helping my business run like clock work."

Lorna Thomas, Pole Athletes

Loved by customers and business owners

Teamup simplifies your business, enabling you and your team to spend more time on the things that matter, and less time on basic admin.

"Support is always great. Very responsive to answer and solve issues. I have had the privilege of using teamup during early development and super pleased when they would take on board and implement a feature I would like to have. There is always development going on to make teamup even better for us to use and I love the fact that input from us the user is welcomed."

Ben Medder, Ben Medder Coaching

Trusted financial platform

Easy, powerful payments. We work with the most respected financial partners, enabling you to utilise the latest technology and low rates to maximize profitability, and make money the easiest part of the relationship with your clients.

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