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Class management

Set class types and manage multiple schedules. Want to add a one-off class or recurring timeslot? Teamup has you covered.

"Overall I can’t recommend the system enough for new, and established affiliates. It give you your time back to spend doing things that matter, like coaching!"

Jamie Walton CrossFit Northumbria

Flexible timetable

Easily change and review timetables and cancel individual classes with the option to notify members. Personal calendar feeds for each instructor are linked to their phones.

"Our members all find teamup easy to navigate via their computers or their phones, and find the features user-friendly."

Mark Williams, CrossFit Napalm

One off events and workshops

Offer different types of events - normal classes, one off courses or workshops, or blocks of sessions.

Clever tools

Cancel classes during festive holidays, add people to classes on the fly, and mark attendance.

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