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Simple, powerful software for your business

Teamup was designed with one thing in mind. The power to build your business, without the complexity of traditional software.

"teamup has ensured our business runs smoothly and that our students can easily manage their own attendance. Revenue is managed and the user experience is clean and smooth."

Pippa Loveridge, Polenastics

Advanced and flexible features

Frustrated when you can't make a change yourself? Teamup puts the power back in your hands with easy access and administration.

"Teamup has been a huge part of my ability to grow my affiliate to the size it current is, without major admin or staffing costs. The system provides such a comprehensive package with such an intuitive interface that it make the most seemingly complex tasks very manageable."

Jamie Walton CrossFit Northumbria

Tried and tested

Loved by 100s of leading fitness businesses worldwide.

"The support team has been quick to respond in the few instances that they have been needed but overall the system is so intuitive that they are rarely needed."

Jamie Walton CrossFit Northumbria

Security you can rely on

Over $40,000,000 of transactions annually via our secure platform. The same level of security infrastructure used by the banks and financial institutions.

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