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Clever reports

Special reports for each area of the system, allowing you to drill down on the important data to make more effective decisions.

"The reports allow us to easily see which classes are most popular and how our business is doing in general."

Mark Williams, CrossFit Napalm

Get into the detail

Track revenue, memberships, gains and losses, instructor hours and impact, trends, and much more.

"I love the set of simple to use but very useful reports. For example, the expiring/lost memberships and "slipping away" reports are some of the most useful."

Ben Medder, Ben Medder Coaching

Export and outsource

Select custom periods, export to PDF, and prepare end of year reporting data for your accountant.

Full financial clarity

Drill down into management reports that give you the information you need, or download a full set of data.

Member management

Clever and adaptable reports that help you quickly analyze data and focus on the areas of highest value.

"Catching clients that may be falling away and making contact with them has dramatically increased my retention rate."

Jamie Walton CrossFit Northumbria

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