Quick Setup

No lengthy configuration required. Get set up the day you sign up.

Know Your Members

Teamup's CRM tracks attendance history, payment history, and contact details.

Online Waivers

Collect signatures and contact details online. Forget those paper forms.

Recurring Billing

Put your recurring monthly billing on autopilot. Teamup handles all of your membership plans with ease.

SMS Waiting List

Don't let spots in your classes go to waste — teamup texts customers when their spot is reserved.

Smart Mailing Lists

Keep your mailing lists up to date to send targeted newsletters and announcements.

Website Integration

Teamup is completely embeddable in your own website.


Gain insights into your business with teamup's reporting tools.

Sell Anywhere

Store included in web-app, manage everything in teamup.

98% of teamup customers would recommend the software to other business owners

Success Stories
Lauren Whitby

Bodyfit Training Solutions

I LOVE Teamup! It makes my life so much easier and in fact everyone else's! Before I had clipboards with names being ticked off every session and it took ages to get people signed in. Now I don't have to worry. All the customers find it really easy to use. The set up is so easy to use I rarely ask for help but I always know its there if I need it.

Derek Rowe

Body Shape Performance

Teamup has greatly improved my business making it much easier for me to take payments, set up memberships and control clients making my life easier. My favourite feature is once I sign somebody up on a payment plan I can then set up monthly direct debits again taking away the discomfort of asking for payment. Support has been great I never wait too long for a response to any question I have.

Max Henderson

HotPod Yoga

Teamup has been instrumental in us growing and managing our business. For both ourselves and our franchisees, it allows us to focus on the business and delivering great service while the teamup system takes care of bookings. It's far simpler than the alternatives, the team are responsive and receptive to ideas and change and our customers have no issues using it.

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