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A system that just fits

Having one place to manage your memberships, payment methods, form and waiver collection, and client details will add value to both your and your clients' experience. Clients will love how quickly it is to go from registration to confirmation, and you can enjoy the benefits of a system that works for you in all aspects of your business.

Website sign-up

Clients can sign up and manage their accounts from your site or the member app

Venues and rooms

Allocate specific rooms in a venue to your appointments

Instructor availability

Set and manage instructor availability to schedule appointments

Online register

Mark off attended or no-show on any device

Appointment management

Reminders, pre or post-class notifications for clients and coaches

Plays nicely with others

Host class and appointment booking side by side


Set client forms of waivers per membership prior to appointment day


Take payments for appointments on their own or via memberships


Include appointments in your membership plans


Keep all your content and classes in one place

Client relationship management

Find your clients' appointments in their profiles

Activity Feed

See when and what your clients are booking

Mobile app

Native App for iOS and Android included


Track your most popular appointment types and coaches

Everything included

All features included on every plan


Offer in-person and online appointments


All the integrations you need including Zapier and Zoom


Automate all communications - just turn up and coach

Waiting Lists

Manage popular time slots automatically, messaging via mobile app or email


Promote one on one sessions directly on social media with discount codes

Customer referral program

Clients refer new clients to your business

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions about TeamUp’s SMS Automation feature.

What can I use the SMS feature for?

With TeamUp's SMS feature, you can send instant updates for waitlist changes, registration confirmations, class/appointment changes or cancellations, and pre-class/appointment reminders. Keep your members informed and engaged effortlessly.

How can I track my SMS messages?

Tracking your automated messages is simple! Just head to the SMS Messages report, where you'll find a comprehensive list of all SMS messages sent to customers within any timeframe.

Is the SMS feature included in my TeamUp subscription?

The SMS feature is an add-on, and a per SMS message rate applies. You'll be billed on a monthly basis along with your TeamUp subscription. But don't worry, you can enable or disable this feature at any time to suit your needs.

Which countries are supported by the SMS feature?

TeamUp's SMS feature currently supports Spain, France, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands and United Kingdom. Coming very soon: United States and Canada.

Can I use two-way messaging for European countries?

We do not currently support two-way messaging.

How can I enable and set up SMS notifications on my TeamUp account?

For a step-by-step guide on enabling and setting up SMS notifications, click here. It's quick and easy to get started!

How much does the SMS feature cost?

A per SMS message rate applies, and you will be billed on a monthly basis with your TeamUp subscription*. You can enable/disable this feature at any time.

*There is a monthly minimum spend of $15/£10/15€. If your monthly spend is less than the required amount, you'll be billed the minimum fee.

Country Price per SMS
Canada Coming soon!
Germany View pricing
Spain View pricing
France View pricing
United Kingdom View pricing
Ireland View pricing
Netherlands View pricing
United States Coming soon!