The Mindbody alternative that does what you need without the complexity or cost

As a Mindbody alternative, we are asked to compare TeamUp vs Mindbody a lot. We put together this document to highlight the key differences and similarities. TeamUp is designed for fitness gyms and studios. Mindbody covers a wider range of businesses including beauty and wellness.

  • We break down the key feature differences, including where Mindbody might be the right choice for you, and where TeamUp is a better fit.

  • We're not impartial, but we're realistic. We'll be as transparent as possible about the differences but also make recommendations where we think it will be helpful.

High-level comparison

When digging into a comparison between the two products, the main things that stand out are pricing, ease of use, customer support, and features. TeamUp has a more limited feature set, but is more flexible and focused, and easier to use.

Mindbody is complex, poorly designed in some places, and has pricing that is widely disliked by its customers. We used independent review data from GetApp to provide a statistical reference of customer opinion.

When digging into a comparison between the two products, the main things that stand out are pricing, ease of use, customer support, and features. TeamUp has a more limited feature set, but is more flexible and focused, and easier to use. Mindbody is complex, poorly designed in some places, and has pricing that is widely disliked by its customers. We used independent review data from GetApp to provide a statistical reference of customer opinion.

TeamUp Mindbody
Ideal number of customers that you serve per location. 50-1000 500+
Pricing. All-inclusive. Transparent pricing. Pay more for features that you need. Hidden extras.
GetApp Value for Money.
Best value.
Customer support.
GetApp Reliability Rating.
The best in the business.
Infamous for flaws.
GetApp Features.
Everything you need.
A lot that you don't need.
GetApp Ease-of-use.
Built better by design.
Layers of complexity.
Payments. World-class integrations. No extras. Forced to use and pay more for Mindbody selected processors. Contracts, retentions, hidden charges.
Apps. Your customers, your classes, all included. TeamUp never cross-promotes your competitors. Promotes your local competitors and charges you when someone new books.
Contracts. Month to month, no fixed term. Fixed terms, usually 12 months.

*based on a comparison in May 2021

TeamUp ideal customer checklist

  • The experience of your customers is your number 1 priority.

  • You think that software should be good value and pay for itself.

  • You value good design and ease of use.

  • You love the idea of support that really cares about and gets to know your business.

  • You want scalable pricing that allows you to get started without needing to visit your bank manager.

  • You don't want to be locked into a long term contract.

Thinking of switching to TeamUp?

September 2019

An excellent alternative to Mindbody with fabulous customer support. I would still chose this software over any other that I have come across., first for affordable pricing, second for customer service and last but not least functionality which gives me 85% of what I'd like and matches the functionality of any other competitor I've tried. No complaints!


The software is very good value compared to competitors, the customer service is sensationally good.


There are some restrictions in methods of charging (it would be so handy to have an option that allows the customer to add a second class immediately after the first class - back to back classes - at a discount). Some of the back end navigation is a bit fiddly and the user journey takes quite a few clicks for some functions. BUT I don't think the other software options are any less fiddly and there is fantastic customer support anytime you need guidance.

Reasons for choosing TeamUp

It just felt the most intuitive in addition to all of the above. Brilliant customer service speed and attitude was an enormous bonus.

Reasons for switching to TeamUp

Primarily cost was unsustainable on Mindbody.

Activity feed illustration

TeamUp - the Mindbody alternative for gym and studio owners who want to simplify their day to day

An overwhelming and badly designed system causes overload...

Mindbody seems exciting at first. The combination of slick sales, endless features, and add-ons convince you it will cover your needs. However, important information can be hard to find or gated behind premium features. Apps lack features that would seem vital like allowing membership purchase. Some customers felt resistant about logging in after their initial setup period, knowing that they would spend a lot of time trying to make sense of everything.

...but in TeamUp you'll find even the smallest details are taken care of

Your business and day to day flow in a way that feels natural and intentional. You know that TeamUp will alert you if something needs your attention. An intuitive booking system leaves clients confident in managing their account with little to no support. Most importantly, you feel confident that there is a team that really cares about your success who are there whenever you need them.

Hayley Coe

Hayley Coe

CoeActive Fitness

Why Hayley switched from Mindbody to TeamUp

Working with a smaller customer support team like TeamUp means you create rapport, trust and I get the best customer service. The support team communicates with each other to resolve or answer your query meaning any questions or issues are resolved swiftly, this is so important for any business.

Why would Mindbody be a better fit for your business?

Mindbody is a well-established system serving a wide range of businesses in different industries. There are some requirements or size of businesses where Mindbody might be a better fit for you.

The biggest gyms.

If you have a full-time front-desk staff and over 500 members in a single location then Mindbody is worth taking a look at - if you have the budget then premium custom apps and more are available.


Mindbody and TeamUp can both collate information to pay staff such as companies that pay per class or hour rather than a fixed salary. If you run payroll for a large number of instructors then you might need an automated solution that handles taxes and makes salary payments. Mindbody has this feature and can help you better with that requirement.

If you are a franchise and have several locations that you want to link together - for example, to collect revenue share, TeamUp has a built-in system to achieve that.

TeamUp vs Mindbody

Spend less time on admin, and more time on building a great customer experience. TeamUp gives you the power to run your gym or studio the way you choose while maximising the opportunity to be there for your customers at all times. Your content, your classes, your customers, are all yours. We facilitate your success by providing the tools and automations you need

Trade inconsistent and complex settings for a logical and beautifully designed system

TeamUp is built to keep things neat and organised. TeamUp is designed with flexibility in mind. Your day to day tasks are made simple with bulk actions and automations. Detailed reports help you not just see your data but also use it. Set up and go live in as little as a day - helped by our patient and responsive team - it's really that straightforward.

Mindbody is a mess for the business admin. It is illogical and confusing. Memberships don't work the same way as a purchase made by a client on the same day, and the terminology constantly trips you up. You lose the overall picture of your business and waste time looking for things that should be front and centre with setup sometimes taking months.

“Coming from Mindbody, TeamUp feels much simpler to manage and to understand. The customer service is great and the transition was very smooth.”
 Marcos, The Yoga Mat Studio

Say goodbye to impersonal support that doesn't respect your time

TeamUp has a passionate support team that are experts on the most important thing - your business. From working with thousands of businesses and being trained on the fine details, you'll get to know your team by name. Book a time that suits you rather than sitting in a phone queue.

Mindbody's support can't keep up. When you get a different person on the phone every time, and they need an hour to understand your business, you waste more time than you can afford.

“The customer service is wonderful and the product looked great from the consumer side and when I got in for the demoing I was very impressed with the ease of use and navigating the software. I made the right choice for our business, no doubt at all.”
 Lyra, Aerotique

Better value with pricing that's designed for your business

TeamUp does things differently. With a generous trial, better payment structure, no extra charges, no payment processor contracts or hidden charges, with TeamUp you won't be upsold or told to buy more. A system designed specifically for your business that removes all the unnecessary clutter.

Mindbody has it all and you aren't using most of it. It's not their fault - if you design a system to help a large range of businesses to include hairdressers and spas then you'll end up with a lot of features that a gym or studio doesn't need. Set up is complex and support is limited, with often the need to pay for extra training. Features you were sold on aren’t available without a plan upgrade. And price rises are just around the corner.

TeamUp is the top-recommended Mindbody alternative

Don't just take our word for it. Customers who have switched tell us they wanted a more modern and easy-to-use system, a more user-friendly app, and the ability to have on-demand content with a better Zoom integration. And they love our support.

“TeamUp have been amazing. I switched to them from another app that really wasn't working for me [...] The integrations are perfect for us and the team are always very helpful and responsive. The pricing structure is great value. It was so pleasing that you don't have to pay more to access all the features.” Madeline, The Soul Spa


“If there is something I'd like the software to do, chances are it's already something that it's capable of. If not the support team are very keen to hear ideas of how things can be improved or new things implemented.” Stuart, Fieldworks Gym


“I've tested many members' management software options including the very overpriced Mindbody. TeamUP is simply THE BEST! Even with my limited computer skills, everything is so intuitive that I have no problems using it.“ Anna, Active Krav Maga Ltd


Thinking about switching to TeamUp? Here are some common questions.

Where do I learn more about TeamUp?

We give you all the details on our features and fitness types, as well as complete guides and how-tos, right on our website. Nothing is hidden, there's no catch, we're upfront with you right from the start. Free personal support included from the moment you sign up... forever. Chat with one of our helpful team members at any time.

How much does TeamUp cost?

Our pricing reflects how many customers you have, not which features you need. TeamUp pricing scales depending on how many active customers you have. With your TeamUp comes full access to all features, including the complete booking platform, online payments, financial reporting, both in-person and online classes, events, and courses, a mobile app to enhance your customers' booking experience, integrations, a website widget, free import service, free lifetime support and so much more. You can find all of the features available with TeamUp here.

Does TeamUp charge extra for support or help setting up?

TeamUp comes with our "go the extra mile support" that is included with your account forever. You get a free trial to make sure TeamUp is a good fit for your business, no credit card required. Take advantage of our free import service - see more below.

Does TeamUp integrate with the apps I need?

TeamUp is designed to grow with you. From the top payment processors to marketing platforms, to Zoom to give online classes, TeamUp integrates with your favourite apps to help you save time, increase engagement, automate your most important tasks, and run your business the way you want. With our Zapier integration, you can link with 3000+ apps and services. Check out their full list, here.

Can I import data from Mindbody?

Ensuring your business stays up and running when you decide to switch to TeamUp from Mindbody is our top priority. We can import all your data using our free import service while you continue to run your classes business as usual. You'll be able to transfer all customer accounts, member subscriptions, automated payments, class schedules, and everything else you need, without disrupting your day-to-day. All you have to do is let us know what you want to be brought over, and we will take care of it.

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